Targeted Reach to Engaged Land Buyers

Targeted Reach to Engaged Land Buyers

Are you reaching the right buyers with your advertising or just adding to the noise?

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Landguide is the largest dedicated new land listing portal in Western Australia

  • This is your market! With very high quality website traffic and a high rate of return users, Landguide will help you reach your customers at the start of their journey.
  • Unparalleld estate coverage! Landguide lists 1300+ blocks of land in 53 land estates across 28 suburbs from 25 land developers.
  • No scraping here! We have authorisation from all developers to list their land so you know our listings are live and up-to-date.
  • Filter out the noise! Landguide is a land only real estate platform so your advertisments will be seen only by those looking to build a home.
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About Landguide

Landguide is a land only real estate platform that connects land buyers to land sellers directly. Blending high website traffic, maximum visibility and low listing price we offer you a cost effective advertising channel.